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Content: ORLANDO, Fla., July 9, 2018 - If you think superhero powers area myth, think again. Dr. Min-Liang W...

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Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2018-07-12

ORLANDO, Fla., July 9, 2018 - If you think superhero powers area myth, think again.  Dr. Min-Liang Wang,inventor and CEO of Taiwan Main Orthopedics Co., Ltd., has introduced smartsurgical glasses called Caduceus. These new glasses allow surgeons asuperiority rivaling any fictional character, especially the man with the X-rayeyes. 


Combining mixed reality technology with surgical navigation,these smart surgical glasses will allow surgeons to see through a patient’sbody and visualize a 3D model of the anatomy of the patient’s vascular andnervous systems.  The device uses thetrajectory of a surgical instrument like a GPS system.  


Caduceus smart surgical glasses are designed to augment theskills of a surgeon during complicated procedures. Traditionally, a surgeonuses fluoroscopy to verify the needle insertion, requiring them to periodicallylook away from the patient to observe the monitor.  Now with Caduceus smart surgical glasses,surgeons are able to see the exact position of the needle without ever taking their eyes off of the patient.


“The patients’ benefits from the innovation of the Caduceussmart surgical glasses because recovery times are much quicker due to smallerincisions during the procedure,” said Dr. Wang, who is also an AssistantProfessor in the school of Electrical and Computing Engineering at Taiwan’sNational Chung Cheng University.  “X-rayexposure for both patients and physicians are reduced, too,” he said.


Along those same lines of advancing science, AmCad BioMed Corp.has developed AmCAD-UT® Detection, a new screening and imaging tool designed toimprove the early detection of thyroid cancer with accuracy. 


Often called the world’s first Ultrasound CAD for thyroid cancerdetection, this ultrasound technique allows for more accurate visualization ofthe characteristics of thyroid nodules.


The American Cancer Society reports that thyroid cancerdetection is increasing because thyroid ultrasounds have an enhanced ability todetect small thyroid nodules previously missed. 


However, ultrasound test results may show false-positives. AmCadBioMed believes their development will enhance medical acumen and patient careregarding thyroid cancer detection. Patients undergoing AmCAD-UT® Detection had significantly lowerscreening recall rates.


Finally, Apex Medical Corp., has developed Domus 3, an ingeniousdevice to reduce patient bed sores.  Analternating overlay/replacement system combined with static therapy mode,relieves patients by alternatively deflating and inflating to create a balancedpressure affect.   This device reduces thefrequency of medical staff having to move the patient to reduce bed sores.


Taiwan industry experts will showcase these devices at the,“Taiwan Medical Marvels” press conference on Tuesday, July 17 at 1:30 P.M. atthe Orange County Convention Center in room W206C during the FIME Show.


For media inquiries or to RSVP for the pressconference, email

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Published Date:2018-07-12