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Content: PASHRON® is an innovative thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) melt-spun yarn. Adhering to the ...

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PASHRON® EXTREME FUSION, a brand-new generation of artificial leather

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2018-09-11
PASHRON® is an innovative thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) melt-spun yarn. Adhering to the vision of sustainability, PASHRON® is made from sustainable materials and its production is more energy efficient: reduced water use and carbon dioxide emissions.

With a rich experience in the development of TPU, PASHRON® breaks through the limitations of traditional yarns to improve the productivity of automated production with the following features: 1) Low Temperature Molding, 2) Anti-Abrasion, 3) Water-Repellent, and 4) Recyclable.

PASHRON® is currently available in 3 product types: TPU yarns, dope dyed yarns, and dope dyed recycled yarns.


LSCHYS® is a multi-functional TPU composite film. Compared to the traditional single function films, LSCHYS® can be customized according to customer needs and applied in footwear, apparel, outdoor products, automobile, medical, electronics, and sporting goods. Its main advantages include: 1) Better Weatherability, 2) Low Temperature Operation, 3) Great Stretch ability, 4) Washable, and 5) Applicable to all kinds of materials (e.g.: PET, PP, and PE).

Founded in 1973, Sanfang is a major supplier for major international sporting brands. The company's products have grown from the earliest artificial leathers to today's films and fibers.

Source: SAN FANG CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.; Taiwan Textile Federation
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