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Content: In order to promote Taiwan’s green industry to the international market, Ministry of Econo...

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Taiwan Green Industry International Media Day 2019

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2019-06-11
In order to promote Taiwan’s green industry to the international market, Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned TAITRA’s international green promotion arm Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) to implement the Green Trade Promotion Program inviting media reporters from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Turkey & Germany to Taiwan from May 19 to May 23, 2019.

Invited media included German electric car magazine Emobility tec, Turkish trade magazine Anadolu Agency, India’s professional energy magazine, Terra Green Magazine, Thailand green industry media GreenNews Agency, Viet Nam Clean Energy Magazine and Malaysia’s Asia Success. On May 20th TAITRA held the Taiwan Green Industry International Media Day at 3F in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). To provide more business opportunities, GTPO also arranged green industry company visits to leading Taiwanese companies from the afternoon of May 19 and continued until May 23. There were nine company visits, including Energy Storage/Energy Saving electronics giants Delta & Lite-On, Lithium battery storage Molicel; Energy Creation solar companies United Renewable Energy (URE), & Eterbright; Recycling companies included Everclear which produces industrial water treatment technologies, Spring Pool Glass, the largest glass recycling company in Taiwan, & O’right which makes organic shampoos including the famous O’right Recoffee products; Environmental Equipment company Ecove which produces power through incineration of wastes.

On the competitiveness of Taiwan's green industry, Director Chiu pointed out that because Taiwan's solar energy industry has a complete supply chain and high R&D capabilities, with global production ranking second after the merger of three solar companies into United Renewable Energy (URE) last year, the solar supply chain is even more complete. This helps Taiwan's solar industry to be more competitive globally. As the demand for renewable energy and electric vehicles increase, global demand for lithium batteries will continue to expand. The energy storage industry export in Taiwan grew more than 30% last year. Furthermore, after 20 years of hard work, Taiwan’s recycling performance was recognized by the Wall Street Journal and the British research institute Eunomia. In 2017, the recycling rate was as high as 58%, ranking 5th in the world, led by recycling giants such as Far East New Century, Spring Pool Glass, and Enrestec. The companies’ achievements are well-known in the world, and highly innovative companies such as TCI Co., Ltd. (Bioscience) was the first Taiwanese company to receive the prestigious United Nations’ RE100 award by turning agricultural wastes such as banana peel, peanut shells, kitchen wastes, etc. into high value-added biomedical products.

During the forum, Andy Shen, URE Module Business President, Dr. Steve Hsiao from E-One Moli Energy, William Kuo, Everlight’s GM Office Consultant, and Remi Lee, TCI’s Chief Sustainability Officer shared insights and observations on future markets, development trends, industrial advantages, and successful overseas business development experiences. Last year, United Renewable Energy (URE), which emerged from the merger of three solar companies has received many orders for new solar energy projects. URE is committed to expanding their solar module and system business. 

Steve Hsiao, Technical Service & Sales Division Director at E-One Moli Energy Technology stated that Taiwan has strong IT, and that their products emphasize safety. They feel optimistic about future development of the market driven by global developments in renewable energy and EV. In face of the trade war between the United States and China, they have received many new orders. William Kuo, GM Office Consultant at Everlight thanked TAITRA in helping them establish cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), making it the first Taiwanese company to obtain a large-scale government procurement case in Kazakhstan. Remi Lee, Chief Sustainability Officer of TCI Co., Ltd. was invited to speak at the UN Climate Change Summit, said for a company to be selected for RE100, a certain proportion of electricity supply must come from renewable energy.

TAITRA still has many overseas events this year in the countries mentioned, including ThaiWater, VietWater, Taiwan-Turkey Green Energy Forum, Renewable Energy India (REI), etc. By inviting the international media to Taiwan, knowledge of Taiwan’s green products is disseminated, interaction and bilateral cooperation are also facilitated. For more information on TAITRA’s events, or signing up: (Tel: +886-2-27255200 ext. 1250-1262, E-mail:, Website:
TAITRA Eugenia Hung, Senior Project Manager
02-2725-5200 #1256

TAITRA Hui-Li Chiu, Executive Director

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Published Date:2019-06-11