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Subject: Taiwan’s Fishing Tackle Indust...
Content: Taipei, Taiwan (August 7, 2019) – Taiwan’s largest fishery trade event, which connects buyers and su...

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Taiwan’s Fishing Tackle Industry Re-Emerges with the Exclusive Fishery Taiwan Expo

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2019-08-16

Taipei, Taiwan (August 7, 2019) – Taiwan’s largest fishery trade event, which connects buyers and suppliers, will take place on September 26-28, 2019 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This year’s exposition marks the 5th edition of the Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show (TIFSS). Taiwan’s exclusive fishery and seafood trade event connects over 7,000 buyers from 32 countries, and showcases a complete range of fishery products in fishing tackle, pelagic fishery, inland aquaculture, seafood and seafood processing, and marine biotech.

One of the TIFSS 2019 highlights is the debut of the leisure fisheries exhibition area. Various fishing tackle such as fishing rods, fishing lines, fishing reels, fishing bait, fishing tools, trolling motors, parts and accessories, fishing hooks, fishing floats, hard lure, soft lure, metal lure, terminal tackle, clothing, boxes, holders, bags and luggage, shoes, and tackle boxes will be displayed by Daiwa, Abu Garcia, and several other Taiwanese fishing tackle manufacturers, such as Strike Pro, Okuma and Etuoh. Yushang, Chuan Hung, Speed Winder, Joyocean, Tsuen Chen, Tianyu, and Scordy, some of whom have won recognition in the global market.

Taiwan’s fishing tackle industry has been developing for over 50 years, providing the global market with medium-high quality fishing tackle products at reasonable prices. The Taiwanese fishing tackle manufacturers win the hearts of global customers through services including customization, after-sales service, and innovation. For the past 15 years, they have overcome harsh competition in the industrial shift, gaps in experience, and avoided counterfeits from the international competition. In fact, the Taiwanese fishing tackle industry has proved to be one of the most promising businesses in the entire leisure fishery field, exporting US$33 million in 2017, according to Taiwan’s latest customs statistics.

Taiwan is surrounded by seas with a coastline of over 1600 km. It also has the Kuroshio current along its east coast, and the continental shelf extends from its west coast. Taiwan is at the intersection of warm and cold currents, and its east and west coasts are marked by rocky and sandy features. Such diverse natural marine landscapes such as offshore sandbanks and wetlands, as well as diverse marine ecosystems, offer great opportunities for fishing lovers.

Apart from the Expo, TIFSS includes one-on-one procurement meetings, limited sales, pre-orders, seashore fishing professions autograph session, fishing tackle celebrities, and an indoor shrimp fishing experience, which will open for online registration with free admission on August 26, 2019. For the Expo’s latest news, please visit

For further information about TIFSS, please contact:

Hsuan Tsai

Project Manager

Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show

Tel: +886 2725-5200 Ext. 2616

TIFSS 2019 Highlight Fishing Tackle with its its debut Leisure Fishery Exhibiton Area

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