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Subject: Grape King Bio Expands Oversea...
Content: With 50 Years’ of experience, skills and knowledge in the health and wellbeing industries,...

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Grape King Bio Expands Overseas, Enters the ASEAN Market

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2019-11-08
With 50 Years’ of experience, skills and knowledge in the health and wellbeing industries, Grape King Bio has been actively expanding to overseas markets. In 2019 the Company has focused on gaining further exposure in the health-food markets in ASEAN and also established a joint venture in Malaysia to strengthen and drive momentum growth for ODM/OEM business opportunities.

By way of demonstrating Grape King Bio’s commitment to overseas expansions, the Company has invested NTD$ 1.6billion (USD$ 53mil) to build and establish the Grape King Biotech Research Institute, which incorporates the Grape King Biotechnology Centre. This investment has enabled Grape King Bio to not only expand our internationally award winning raw material R&D Centre but also increase the production capacity for probiotics and mushroom fungi from 286 tons to 386 tons.  Grape King Bio is Taiwan’s largest Biotech fermentation health food company, and one of the largest in Asia.  Since 2015 Grape King Bio has actively promoting our highly skilled R&D expertise by participating in and winning global innovation competitions.  To date they have been awarded with a total of 84 international and local awards, including 34 gold, 16 silver, 10 bronze medals, and 24 special prizes.

Observing market development trends, the Grape King Biotech Research Institute has determined that the world will become an ultra-aging society by the year 2035, with the most affected countries being in Asia. Keeping with the corporate philosophy of “Health experts caring for your entire Family,'' the Company is actively researching and developing new raw materials to help deal with problems of an aging society. A recent key breakthrough for Grape King Bio has been to experimentally prove that Lion’s Mane mushrooms can effectively prevent the onset of dementia, brain degeneration and neurological diseases.  In addition, Grape King Bio has developed a unique characteristic from the fungus – Cordyceps cicadae – to help deal with eye health concerns, such as dry eye syndromes and cataracts that affect many people due to modern lifestyles habits.

According to the Health Promotion Administration statistics from 2013 through 2016, one in five people in Taiwan above the age of 20 has high cholesterol, which means an estimated five million people in Taiwan are affected.  To deal with this concerning trend, Grape King Bio has researched over 10 thousand strains of probiotics to find the most effective cholesterol-reducing probiotics from a selection various sources.  Multiple experiments and clinical trials were conducted to ensure the efficacy of the chosen strains and ensure that the highly effective products were developed. As of the end of September 2019, Grape King Bio owns 70 patents and has applied for and awaiting the approval for a further 73 additional patents.  With a commitment to upholding our corporate philosophy, Grape King Bio will continue to research and develop superior quality products in order to provide comprehensive and affordable health food for global consumers to enrich their lives.

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Published Date:2019-11-08