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Subject: Your Best Choice – APEXBIO
Content: As the pioneer in biosensing technology, APEXBIO established in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial...

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Your Best Choice – APEXBIO

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2019-11-08
As the pioneer in biosensing technology, APEXBIO established in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park since December 1997, and successfully became the first IPO listed biotechnology company in 2000.

APEXBIO is recognized by international and regional publications as one of the top medical device company in Taiwan. The main products are sold over 80 countries worldwide, solidifying our position as a leading provider of biosensor-based blood glucose monitoring systems for home care medical device for chronic disease patients to maintain and control their health or professional use in hospital and laboratory.

APEXBIO was founded to develop into a full range of IVD company and is actively engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales worldwide. At beginning using biosensor technology to develop a self-testing handheld blood glucose monitoring systems, uric acid, hemoglobin, cholesterol, lactate, HbA1c, ketone, coagulation and multifunctional self-testing systems. Our Products have been approved by CE, FDA, TFDA, CFDA, PDMC, and our manufacturing facilities also have been notified by Taiwan GMP, ISO 9001 & 13485, FDA, and CMDCAS.
To satisfy the demand of consumer, we have long-term cooperation with OEM/ODM/OBM customers. Also, alliance with vendors and customers to strengthen the partnership. APEXBIO is dedicated to become a leading IVD company and a total solution provider in healthcare industry.
MultiSure GCTU Monitoring System is a portable biosensor-based device
for use at home or in a professional setting to conveniently measure the four
important markers of metabolism all in one pocket-sized instrument.

  • Blood Glucose,
  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Uric Acid

MultiSure GCTU Monitoring System features a large backlit LCD screen
designed for easy reading and requires very little blood sample as compared to standard laboratory testing. The wireless Bluetooth feature enables testing
results to transmit seamlessly into a smart device for cloud storage, analysis,
and record keeping. Test strips are individually packaged to minimize
contamination and ensure optimal performance with every test. MultiSure
GCTU Monitoring System is one of its kind device designed with accuracy and ease of use in mind.

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Published Date:2019-11-08