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Subject: U-start Teams Open New Busines...
Content: The U-start Plan of the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education has selected 8 compa...

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U-start Teams Open New Business Opportunities at the 2019 Taiwan Expo in Vietnam and Indonesia

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2019-11-08
The U-start Plan of the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education has selected 8 companies from 599 startups in Taiwan to exhibit at the Vietnam and Indonesia Taiwan Expo in August and September respectively this year. The U-start teams aim to cooperate with local partners and explore business opportunities in the Vietnam and Indonesian market.

The chosen exceptional teams for the 2019 Taiwan Expo in Vietnam during August 8 to 10 include fields in creative design (NOW 4), mobile technology (IDEA), wedding (JQ), web design (WASATEAM), biotechnology (CO-CREATIVE), e-commerce technology (PLAYSURE), light design (ALPHONSO) and optoelectronics (ANGENT), showcasing the entrepreneurial and high education training achievements. 85 Vietnamese buyers attended the U-start Demo Day at the Taiwan Expo Stage on August 10. IDEA acquainted the audience with their mobile acquisition APP which was applied by Samsung and other telecom operators; JQ inspired the attendees with fascinating multicultural wedding stories; ALPHONSO displayed the "Beethoven" series lamps and played lighting games with the participants to show more than 1,000 different touch lights; CO-CREATIVE introduced natural fish scale pearls, attracting audience to come up to taste the pearls for the bubble tea.

The outstanding teams who participated in the 2019 Taiwan Expo in Surabaya during September 26 to 28 include fields in software systems (XBEACON), medical systems (ADVMEDS), e-commerce marketing (PICSEE & WAVE), games (YOHO), speakers (TOKU&GAWA), food and biotechnology (HOMIYA & AGRITECH). 84 Indonesian buyers attended the U-start Demo Day at the Taiwan Expo Stage on September 26. YOHO opened up a variety of table games and invited attendees to play small games; TOKU&GAWA presented the Hi-Fi audio made of Taiwan Acacia Confusa wood; PICSEE shared about how to optimize social media posts to help enterprises learn more about their users; ADVMEDS introduced their All-in-One self-service device ”Smart Health Station” which provides self-management service of blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen concentration, height and weight. AGRITECH proposed their environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables preservation materials and attracted public attention.

In addition to the exhibition, the U-start Vietnam team visited the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and also local marketing companies, while the U-start Indonesia team visited the Indonesian Young Entrepreneur Association and the Gerdhu Inkubator to establish local network and create business opportunities. Both teams highly appreciated the arrangements of the YDA, giving them opportunities to promote their products and services in the Vietnam and Indonesia markets.

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Published Date:2019-11-08