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Content: With the support of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, TAITRA participated in “Franchise E...

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Taiwan Franchise Brand Participate in “Franchising Expo in Melbourne” in 2019

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2019-11-08
With the support of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, TAITRA participated in “Franchise Expo & Business Opportunities in Melbourne 2019” from August 24 to 25. The expo was held at Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Center Hall 1. Ten outstanding franchise brands showcased their products at the Taiwan Franchise Brand Pavilion, to promote Taiwanese brands.

Australia has many immigrants, so the exotic food culture is extensive. In addition to local Australian franchisees and agents, there were many agents from China, Southeast Asia, and Middle East countries seeking cooperation opportunities. TAITRA has participated in “Franchise Expo & Business Opportunities in Sydney” for the past two years. This year marks TAITRA’s first attendance at the Melbourne expo. Products on display included: bubble tea, fried chicken, noodles, teppanyaki, baked goods and products for the elderly. Taiwanese franchisors all expressed significant gains from the exhibition.

“MAZENDO” provided limited trials of dry noodles at the expo. A local Chinese supermarket decided to purchase their goods, hoping to bring the brand to Australia. Although this was the first attendance for bubble tea brand “JUSTEN TEA”, many buyers wished to become their regional agents. Another bubble tea brand “PRESOTEA” has opened 16 branches in Perth and wishes to open the market in eastern Australia.

Nearly 100 international chain brands participated in the two-day exhibition, showing to more than 8,000 visitors. Taiwan was the only country to exhibit in the form of a national pavilion. The exhibition organizers were very kind in arranging the Taiwan Pavilion as the first booth at the entrance. Also, the gorgeous decorations of the Taiwan Franchise Brand Pavilion attracted local media to report and conduct interviews. The overall image of the National Pavilion highlighted Taiwan’s quality catering services and overall quality.

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Published Date:2019-11-08