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Subject: TAITRA Joins Hands with Buyers...
Content: Commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, TAITRA hosted the trade event for the "2019 Africa...

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TAITRA Joins Hands with Buyers to Fight for Business Opportunities in Africa and Iraq

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2019-12-02
Commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, TAITRA hosted the trade event for the "2019 African Business Day" and the "2019 Iraq Business Day" in Taiwan on November 11, 2019. Invited to the events were 70 buyers from 11 countries (53 African buyers and 17 Iraqi buyers), including Eswatini, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and so on. Buyers were here to conduct one-on-one trade meetings with 375 Taiwanese suppliers.

       Aside from leading 11 members to attend the trade event and the "2019 African Summit Forum", Mr. Sirwan Mohammed Mahmood, Chairman of the Sulaimany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) of Kurdistan Region in Iraqi, also signed a memorandum of understanding with TAITRA. Then, the SCCI delegations also visited well-known Taiwanese companies such as Federal Corporation. Indeed, the TAITRA has been integrating government resources and working hand-in-hand with our buyers to fight for business opportunities in Africa and Iraq.

       TAITRA said that Africa has become the most anticipated emerging market. Due to its rapid population growth and active and stable urbanization, African market has attracted worldwide attention because it will become the growth engine to drive the global economy in the future. Meanwhile, the rebuilding of Iraq has been presenting a lot of business opportunities and has become a potential niche market for international entrepreneurs.

       Mr. Mahmood, Chairman of the SCCI, said that he has participated in the trade events of many countries, among which the TAITRA-hosted trade events deserved the highest affirmation because of its highly efficient arrangements for meetings with local suppliers and very enthusiastic reception. He hoped that TAITRA can introduce Taiwan's excellence quality products into Iraqi market.

       Mr. Mina Magdy, deputy manager of Egypt Engineering Agencies, who came here to purchase machine tools, said that Taiwan's industrial machinery is the backing for the development of manufacturing industries in Egypt and he had already established cooperative relations with a number of Taiwanese machinery makers and felt a lot of thankful to the arrangement of TAITRA. Mr. Jamel Barnat, President of the Qmax Trading from Tunisia, pointed out that in the one-day event he had met with many Taiwanese suppliers in such a short period of time. “It is indeed a fruitful event,” said he.

Source: Market Development Department of TAITRA

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Published Date:2019-12-02