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Subject: Green Trade Project Office - C...
Content: The green economy is a global trend. In order to allow all sectors of Taiwan to explore the business...

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Green Trade Project Office - Creating Global Business Opportunities in Green Energy & Sustainability

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2020-01-09
The green economy is a global trend. In order to allow all sectors of Taiwan to explore the business opportunities driven by the green industry and circular economy, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) together with TAITRA held the “Forum on Global Green Industry Trend” together with “Green Trade Achievement Showcase” at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) on December 9, 2019. Japanese experts and representatives from companies were invited to share their perspective on the global green industry trend and Taiwan's advantages. Nearly 500 people attended the event which featured rich and exciting content from speakers.

Green energy ignites innovation and transformation, creating business opportunities
The opening speech was given by TAITRA’s President & CEO, Walter Yeh. Mr. Yeh mentioned that green industry is already a global trend, and Taiwan's green industry is competitive globally. With the assistance of GTPO, Taiwanese manufacturers reported their achievements in Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, Qatar, India among other countries. It is expected that the green energy industry will become the next wave of export growth momentum in Taiwan. Shu-Yi Chang, Director of Trade Development Division, Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that Green Energy and Circular Economy are two of Taiwan’s 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan promoted by the Taiwan government. Director Chang says she believes that through GTPO’s efforts, Taiwan’s green energy industry will be promoted to the international stage.

Deepening cooperation opportunities between Taiwan and Japan
GTPO invited Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA) former General Manager Mr. Hisashi Suzuki, JERA Energy Co., Ltd. Chairman & CEO Mr. Koichi Tamura, and ITRI-GEL’s Deputy General Director Dr. Joseph Ren-Chain Wang and ITRI Senior Manager Annie Shih to share the latest developments in renewable energy in Japan & Taiwan. Mr. Suzuki from JPEA mentioned that Japan as Taiwan have a shortage of natural resources. Japan has continually increased the proportion of its renewable energy, energy storage, and microgrid. Mr. Tamura from JERA stated that after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan actively started developing renewable energy. 

Professional representatives from PwC, ASUS and other companies also shared corporate sustainable development cases and how to integrate green business opportunities. Ms. Lee, General Manager of PwC Sustainability Services, mentioned that the sustainable trend has become a new mindset. 35% of consumers are willing to choose more sustainable products in promoting the goal of circular economy; Mr. Shunichi Shimada, General Manager of Kyushu Renewable Energy and Environmental Industry Promotion Association shared cases of Taiwan-Japan cooperation in electronic waste, heavy metals and diapers to achieve circular economy; ASUS Sustainability Management Dept. Professional Director Mr. Jason Chang shared Asus's Digital Inclusion Project, Dr. Hunter Tsen of the Plastics Industry Technology Development Center and James Chen, CEO of Taiwan Plants Fiber Tech. Alliance shared on the application of new plastic materials in circular economy.

Making good use of GTPO green trade resources to expand and deepen into overseas markets
In addition, company representatives Polun Chen, CEO of STC International, Mr. Lin, General Manager of Recotech Incorporated, and Ph.D. Yu-Jen Huang of Ever Clear Environmental Engineering, also shared on how to make good use of GTPO trade resources to expand and deepen into overseas markets. Mr. Polun Chen stated that this year, through GTPO they participated in exhibitions in both Vietnam and Malaysia. He was able to successfully contact local manufacturers, Taiwanese contacts and have access to local market information leading to successful negotiation on Malaysia’s solar energy project. Dr. Huang shared how Ever Clear successfully received Indian wastewater treatment orders and received new potential markets through guidance from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and GTPO’s exhibition and sales promotion activities.

The establishment of Green Trade Project Office by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2011 had its focus to observe business opportunities that the international green trend will bring; in hopes that through the government, Taiwan could quickly integrate into the green trend and its green exports will expand and enhance Taiwan's “green” image internationally. Domestic industry players are greatly encouraged to participate in green promotion events and explore global green business opportunities together with GTPO!

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TAITRA Industry Development Dept. Karen Pai
02-2725-5200 #1500

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Published Date:2019-12-31