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Subject: Here Is A Drink of Water That ...
Content: The latest health trend, hydrogen water is simply water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it. S...

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Here Is A Drink of Water That Will Keep You Healthy

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2021-01-12
The latest health trend, hydrogen water is simply water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it. Some studies claim that adding hydrogen to water increases its antioxidant content, thus helping to decrease oxidative stress levels and balance pH levels in the body. Research also indicates that hydrogen water may improve metabolic syndrome and enhance athletic performance. The reported health benefits from hydrogen water created an industry dedicated to the design and production of hydrogen-adding products.

Not one to miss out on the opportunity, Fuyuankang joined the niche market of manufacturing hydrogen-rich water, filter elements, and water purification materials.

Superior H2 Electrolytic Hydrogen-rich Water Bottles by Fuyuankang

Wide Range of Products

“Fuyuankang has been committed to the research, development, and manufacturing of hydrogen-rich water filter elements and water purification materials since 2016,” says Fuyuankang manager Kevin Chang.

The company uses advanced design techniques and imported parts from Germany and Japan. Tested by SGS inspection agency, their products are not only of high quality but also reasonably priced.

Fuyuankang’s product line includes household and commercial water filling stations, water treatment applications, and hydrogen water bottles with built-in filters.

Hydrogen-rich Water Bottle and Molecule Generator

Fuyuankang’s latest hydrogen-rich water appliances make use of the latest micro-electrolysis hydrogen production technology, including imported SPE proton membrane and hydrogen-oxygen separation technology. This technology involves exhaust gas removal and automatic back-cleaning to ensure that there is no residual chlorine and ozone.

The company also makes a portable H2 Hydrogen Molecule Generator that attaches to almost all mineral water bottles on the market, enhancing any typical mineral water into hydrogen-rich water.

H2 Hydrogen Molecule Generator – image via Fuyuankang

ORP Hydrogen-rich Negative Potential Ion Material

Targeting B2B market, Fuyuankang also provides water purification technology that aims to help global water purifier providers to quickly upgrade their existing solutions.

The ORP hydrogen-rich negative potential material or filter can be installed on a customer’s water purifier by changing the filter material to easily upgrade the water purifier to a hydrogen-rich water purifier.

Nascent Market

According to a Transparency Market Research report, the market for hydrogen water is still very new, so authorities are still in the process of developing regulations for its usage. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has capped the amount of hydrogen gas that can be added to beverages, sodas, and drinking water at 2.14% by volume.

Final Thoughts

As with all industries, COVID-19 has also impacted the market for hydrogen water, although for the better. The pandemic has fostered health-conscious habits such as staying hydrated, which has provided huge opportunities for water-purifying companies like Fuyuankang.

Furthermore, the company finds itself in a favorable position in the hydrogen water market as well as the hydrogen machine market because of its innovative and wide product range that meets all customer needs from buying their own hydrogen water machine and hydrogen water bottles and filters to hydrogen-rich tablets and hydrogen-rich mineral balls that can be dissolved in water.

With an increasingly health-conscious world, Chang and Fuyuankang hope to continue the promotion of healthy lifestyles with hydrogen-rich products.

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Published Date:2021-01-12