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Content: Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd., is specialized in manufacturing and developing injectable chemical anch...

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Good Use Hardware - the professional chemical anchor manufacturer

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2021-02-22
Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd., is specialized in manufacturing and developing injectable chemical anchor adhesive. Providing high quality products and professional services, Good Use Hardware was the first manufacturer of chemical anchors in Taiwan. For the past 20 years, Good Use Hardware has been shipping to customers in over 40 countries while supplying 70% of the domestic market demand at home.

100% produced in house
From resin reaction to two-component cartridge design and manufacture, all processes are done in Good Use Hardware’s own factory. Only brand-new raw materials are used to produce plastic parts, such as two-component cartridges, caps, mixing nozzles, and plastic sleeves. Good Use Hardware is dedicated to providing both high quality adhesive and accessories by order. Every chemical anchor delivered is freshly made. Daily capacity is up to 30,000 sets.

4 series of chemical anchor adhesive
1. Polyester chemical anchor GU-100
Polyester with styrene chemical anchor is the classic and most popular adhesive for general fixing purposes. Economical price satisfies most fixing demands for medium loads. Fast curing ability makes fixing works more efficient. GU-100 is applicable for fixing rebar, handrail, facade, pipelines, awnings, and brackets. It is the popular product choice for DIY house repair and fixing works.

2. Pure epoxy chemical anchor GU-500
Pure epoxy chemical anchor is the professional adhesive for infrastructure, civil engineering projects and heavy construction. With a superior bonding performance, steady property, and lower temperature sensitivity, it can be used in wide climate applications and critical conditions. GU-500 pure epoxy chemical anchoring system can provide longer working time and better flexibility during installation. Styrene free adhesive is ideal for indoor applications and unventilated areas.

3. Epoxy acrylate chemical anchor GU-600
Epoxy acrylate chemical anchor is a great option for middle to heavy loading application. The excellent resistance to acid and alkali is suitable for anchoring in chemical environment. GU-600 epoxy acrylate chemical anchor is designed as quick setting and fast curing for high loads fixing, such as threaded rod anchoring and rebar dowelling.

4. Vinylester chemical anchor GU-2000
Vinylester chemical anchor is a high performance and rapid curing dual cartridge chemical anchoring system. It is ideal for wall and overhead applications, such as fixing studs for air conditional support bracket, shopping mall signs, hanging lamps, and fire sprinkler systems. GU-2000 Vinylester glue anchor has excellent resistance performance to acid and alkali, making it a top choice for installation projects in the chemical industry.

From a small startup to the No. 1 chemical anchor manufacturer in Taiwan, Good Use Hardware Co., Ltd. has always been a reliable and steadfast company that every customer can depend on. The market demand for chemical anchor is changing fast. The advantage of bonding anchor and bonding fasteners for construction and crucial installation are now widely applied in countries around the world. To fulfill customer expectations, Good Use Hardware Co. conducts sustained load test for all chemical anchor series in Germany. With a proven track record of excellent performance chemical anchors, Good Use Hardware applies ETAG certification/CE mark and all tests in progress to ensure requirement are met for every customer.

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Published Date:2021-02-22