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Subject: EU urges Taiwan to comply with...
Content: European Union officials recently called on the Taiwan government to follow World Trade Organization...

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EU urges Taiwan to comply with WTO rules on wind power development

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2021-04-07
European Union officials recently called on the Taiwan government to follow World Trade Organization (WTO) regulations on wind power development and drop its strict requirements for domestic over foreign input.

The Taiwan government requires that a significant portion of the country's wind power infrastructure must be built by domestic companies, which creates an unnecessary burden on foreign investors and reduces Taiwan's competitiveness, said Filip Grzegorzewski, head of the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) in Taiwan.

Cristina Lobillo Borrero, director for Energy Policy Strategy and Coordination at the European Commission, said via video conferencing that Taiwan's push for localization of the sector should comply with WTO rules.

The EU, which has set an objective to increase Europe's offshore wind capacity from 12 Gigawatt to at least 60 Gigawatt by 2030 and to 300 Gigawatt by 2050, has been a major investor in that sector in Taiwan.

Last year, European companies invested US$2 billion in offshore wind projects in Taiwan, Grzegorzewski said, adding that 95 percent of inbound foreign direct investment in Taiwan's offshore wind development is from the EU.

Source: Focus Taiwan
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Published Date:2021-04-07