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Subject: Experience Taitung Paves the W...
Content: Due to the adverse effects of COVID-19, many exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed. However, ...

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Experience Taitung Paves the Way for Post-pandemic Business Opportunities

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2020-08-13

Due to the adverse effects of COVID-19, many exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed. However, Taiwan’s robust epidemic prevention has revitalized the MICE exhibition industry. As part of its efforts to assist related industries plan ahead for the post-pandemic era, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) collaborated with the Taitung County Government to jointly hold the first Taitung Business Experience Event with the renowned Taiwan International Balloon Festival from August 3rd to 5th. Many distinguished guests were invited to personally experience Taitung’s cultural charm, while local industries and the MICE environment were successfully promoted on the global stage.

The Taitung Business Experience Event was attended by the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, the Korean Chamber of Commerce, and over 30 representatives of Taiwan’s major industrial associations. Together they visited various tourist attractions, including the DIY rice-milling tour at the Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association, tea-tasting at Luye Highland’s five-star tea factory, the highly appreciated cultural and creative goods in Tiehua Village, and the exciting Balloon Tethering Ride. Through first-hand experience of Taitung’s indigenous tribal culture, distinctive agricultural products, and interactive activities, Taiwan’s exceptional environment and fascinating cultural features are sure to attract more overseas industries to hold MICE activities here in the post-pandemic era.

To actively promote local tourism and fulfill the policy of agricultural prosperity, the Taitung County Government has brought together the public and private sectors through interactive activities by showcasing local products and exchanging experiences regarding tribal industries, ecotourism, creative cultural goods, souvenirs, agricultural and fishery products, etc. More than 20 local industries, varying from agricultural to travel-related industries, attended the Product Networking Event. By experiencing the products on-site and having multifaceted exchanges with overseas industrial associations, these local industries have successfully established future business opportunities and elevated the image of Taitung’s local industries.

The BOFT continues to actively support Taiwan’s MICE industry. Its cooperation with the local government on the Taitung Business Experience Event, which integrated local tourism resources with diversified exhibition environments, will enable the promotion of local incentive travel programs and attract more overseas exhibitions to be held in various cities in Taiwan. Through MEET TAIWAN, the BOFT will continue to market Taiwan’s MICE environment comprehensively by conducting overseas exhibitions, seminars, and experiential marketing activities, while incorporating local features and resources to let the world truly see Taiwan.

Published Date:2020-08-13