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Commissioning of the training of international corporate talents

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2021-08-11


Project Name

Training of International Corporate Marketing Talents


To meet the demand of the industry for foreign trade talents, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned TAITRA to set up an international corporate talent training center. The two main categories of talent training are "professional training" and "On-the-job training". The aim is to train more foreign trade personnel with good foreign language skills and knowledge of international trade and to upgrade the marketing ability of the country's industry.

Counseling Contents

  1. International Business Management Course: Training of business marketing managers who can work independently overseas, provide intensive training in foreign languages and business courses in boarding schools, including 1-year class (Economic and Trade, English, Vietnamese group) and 2-year class (European, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai group). The 2-year English-study graduates on completion shall have an average score of 900 points on the TOEIC test, and the Japanese-speaking students in the Japanese group shall have a pass rate of 78% in Japanese Level 1. 
  2. Economic and trade thematic courses: Focusing on various trade and economic courses such as project management, international trade, finance and so on, in response to the needs of the industry. 
  3. Industry professionalism course: In cooperation with the various industry associations, we will set up classes in the industry professionalism course, and strengthen the marketing of enterprises and their ability to participate in exhibitions at home and abroad. 
  4. Special foreign language classes: Short-term cultural classes in Vietnamese, Indonesian, Burmese and Thai to assist the businessmen to improve their language skills. 
  5. Talent reserve professional course: To meet the needs of enterprises or working staff for training in the new southbound market, 12 to 24 hours of training courses are offered in the form of international trade practices, marketing, business skills, e-commerce, etc., and adapted to local cultures.

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Published Date:2021-08-10