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Commission with the business development of overseas stations

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2021-08-11


Project Name

Overseas stations service


To help Taiwanese manufacturers expand in international markets, in addition to our overseas units, we also provide the services required by the manufacturers to expand their sales overseas through TAITRA's more than 50 overseas locations.

Counseling Contents

  1. Marketing service during stationing: Provide local market consulting while stationed overseas, instant business reports, services such as the collection of information on local business opportunities and potential buyers, and the use of the "International Market Development Project Plus" (IMD Plus) customized service to help Taiwanese manufacturers to secure global business opportunities, as well as to help them resolve trade disputes, and to strengthen cooperation with local business and industry organizations, contact and cooperation of import and export businesses. 
  2. Business center: Establishment of business centers in 42 cities in 33 countries where TAITRA is located, with the provision of temporary offices (desks) at a preferential price or free of charge, and the provision of relevant market information services to Taiwanese manufacturers. 
  3. Taiwan Product Center: TAITRA provides product display at its locations in India (Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi), Indonesia (Jakarta) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and employs resident project managers to provide customized marketing services, collect business information, visit potential customers, promote products and digital marketing to help manufacturers develop business opportunities. 
  4. Taiwan Machinery Buyers Alliance: Local buyers and agents in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, the Philippines and Turkey, have been invited to form the Taiwan Machinery Buyers Alliance. Through regular networking and meetup exchange activities, they share the latest news of the industry, promote Taiwan's machinery products and enhance the buyer's loyalty degree to machinery products made in Taiwan.

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Published Date:2021-08-10