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Textile Export Promotion Project

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2021-08-11

Textile Export Promotion Project

Author: Trade Development Division IV – Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA
View date: 10-08-2021


Project Name

Textile Export Promotion Project



To assist entrepreneurs in enhancing their international marketing capabilities to strengthen the European and American markets and to explore other emerging markets having potential for development, to plan for functional, integrated, fashionable and environmentally sustainable high value-added textiles, and to plan integrated and serial marketing expanded activities for target markets. Improve the overall image of Taiwan's textile industry, and carry out textile integration marketing and business opportunity development. This project will be entrusted to the Textile Federation to establish a "TEXTILE EXPORT PROMOTION PROJECT" office to implement the related work.


Work contents and application method

Work contents:

  1. Thematic advertising and joint promotion of exhibitions: Joint promotion and new product launch at overseas exhibitions and enhanced online marketing of the exhibition through network tools, platforms or website links to promote the high-quality image of Taiwanese textiles through international promotional advertising.
  2. Precise marketing and business matching: Provide marketing consultancy and advisory services, welcoming international brands and distributors to purchase in Taiwan, assist entrepreneurs in face-to-face negotiations with buyers from overseas markets, and undertake visiting missions to emerging markets' channels, progressively extending to market study and research.
  3. Digital marketing and data integration in textiles: Promote Taiwan's innovative textiles, application technology and high-quality manufacturers through online exhibition platforms, online community platforms, international e-commerce platforms, etc..., and hold seminars to promote international competitiveness and information sharing meetings to share marketing data application results.
  4. Customized counseling to enhance competitiveness: The admissible manufacturers shall propose  a customer-tailored counseling program for developing business opportunities based on the marketing needs of the manufacturer. The selected manufacturer receives government funding for their own proposal. The manufacturer shall provide company funds by more than 50% of the government counseling funds..

Application method:

  1. Customized marketing counseling measures: The manufacturer applies to the Textile Federation during the announcement period for application acceptance and is selected through the process of appraisal meetings. After the signature of the contract, the counseling measures will be implemented.
  2. Other marketing and promotional activities: Textile entrepreneurs can apply by telephone, e-mail, contact in writing or submit the application in person at the Textile Federation.

Website consultation



Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA  Ms. CHIEN (02)2397-7319

“Textile Export Promotion Project” Office


(02)2341-7251#2962 / 2966


Published Date:2021-08-10