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Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Project

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2021-08-11

Project name


Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Project





Bureau of Foreign Trade has been promoting the “Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Project” since 2018. The second phase has been introduced in 2021, which aim is to assist businesses to develop digital marketing abilities in the post-pandemic period. The project consists of promoting integrated marketing activities through trade exhibitions in mature markets of the European Union and emerging markets such as Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia etc. It helps connect with potential customers, showing to international buyers the overall solutions of Taiwan's smart machinery and the differentiated competitive strength of the industry. Taiwanese manufacturers of smart machinery are assisted in winning overseas business opportunities.




Counseling contents


1. Digital Marketing and Business Opportunity Matching:


(1) Establish Industrial Image Expo and Expert Forum:

Present 4 Industrial Image Expos to show buyers Taiwan's ability to provide high- quality and efficient equipment with smart functions like data streaming and analysis. In addition, this project will also hold different Expert Forums by enhancing Taiwan's machinery strengths and advantages.


(2) Connect with international manufacturers and buyers

Assist Taiwanese machinery manufacturers to connect with international manufacturers and buyers through social media marketing, new product launch and trade meeting events.


(3) Invite professional media to interview Taiwanese companies

International professional media are invited to visit Taiwan to interview Taiwanese companies and publish information on Taiwan's smart machinery industry in international media.



2. Market Research and Build up Potential Buyer Database


(1) The market research will target specific industries in our potential markets and provide in-depth analysis and strategies to assist Taiwanese manufacturers in expanding sales. The research scope includes:

•     The overall economic trend

•     Statistical analysis of industrial demand

•     The impact of digital marketing on the industry

Thus, Sharing Sessions will be held and market specialists invited to share their research results on overseas marketing.


(2) Collect and build database

Collect and build database of potential buyers, overseas agents, influential people, etc. in target markets to facilitate Taiwanese companies in searching for target buyers and to accelerate business opportunities in overseas markets.




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Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Zoe Yeh  


Telephone: (02)2725-5200; E-mail:


Precision Machinery Research & Development Center, LIU CHI-YUNG


Telephone: (04) 2359-9009 #874; E-mail:


Published Date:2021-08-11