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Subject: Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pav...
Content: Key Taiwan Exhibitors at Manufacturing 2019In line with Industry 4.0 and in aspiring to meet growing...

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Taiwan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion & Press Conference at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019 (B)

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2020-01-06

Key Taiwan Exhibitors at Manufacturing 2019

In line with Industry 4.0 and in aspiring to meet growing global demands for smart automated manufacturing equipment, Taiwan’s machinery companies are scrambling to produce smart models, by incorporating advanced information technology into their products.

(1) ATOP (Booth#A 3218) exhibits “ A smart and robotic conveyor system, powered by AI technologies” at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019.  In Indonesia, Atop Indonesia has two offices, in Jakarta and Surabaya. PT Atop provides series of products for industrial automation, including Industrial Ethernet switches, Serial device servers, Protocol gateways, IoT..etc. The installation sites including airports (AP1/AP2), substations of PT. PLN, seaports of PT Pelindo, PT. Pertamina, PT. KAI, government offices, Alfa mart, Indo mart. Atop Indonesia also extends service into Singapore (Changi airport), Malaysia (Petronas & TN), Philippines (Meralco) and etc. Atop provide quality and timely prompt service by Indonesian engineers. 

(2) HIWIN (Booth#D 9116) stands for "HI-tech WINner," which means that " With us, you are a hi-tech winner." HIWIN will showcase innovative solutions and technologies at Manufacturing Indonesia 2019, including 2 highlights as follow.

Highlight 1: Intelligent Manufacturing – Automated Production Line

HIWIN has developed a series of products and solutions that are catered towards the needs of major manufacturing industries in Indonesia. With fully autonomous robotic solutions and various other HIWIN products working in sync, repetitive tasks such as loading/unloading, pick & place, welding, painting, inspection, and many more can be completed effectively, efficiently, and consistently. This boosts all machine utilization rates and minimizes errors and wastes.

Highlight 2: Torque Motor Rotary Table

HIWIN Torque Motor Rotary Table incorporates HIWIN’s direct drive motor and crossed roller bearings together to provide a new degree of freedom for high precision machines. Some of the key features of this products are high torque, high precision, zero backlash and virtually maintenance free. This essentially upgrades existing machines and give old machines some new functions, increasing the level of complexity able to be handled by the machines while also reducing errors and waste parts.

(3) ICP DAS (Booth#A 124), with more than 25 years of experience in the Taiwan industrial market, focuses on data acquisition, industrial control and communication as one complete system solution, with the most extensive product line and rich technical application experience, gradually occupying its proper place in the global industrial market.
ICP DAS will present the "Smart Factory Environmental Monitoring Solution" at Manufacturing  Indonesia 2019. There are often many unknown situations in a factory environment, and failure to grasp immediately the status of the environment will inevitably cause damage. ICP DAS will propose six thematic solutions for factory applications as a foundation for Industry 4.0, including "Predictive Maintenance", "Industrial Safety", "Environmental Monitoring", "Energy Management", "Overall Equipment Effectiveness" and "Traceability", opening the gates to an intelligent factory , and realizing enterprise innovation and reforms.

(4) GOLDEN ASIA Industrial (Booth#A 3131) is a professional manufacturer of honing seamless tubes and hard chromium shaft for heavy machinery, the industry of hydraulics, mining and agricultural machinery. We obtained the prize "12th Raising Star" and "The Model of Taiwanese Entrepreneur” awarded by the Taiwanese government, which gave recognition of the excellent service and the highest quality of Golden Asia.

When Golden Asia was founded in 1999, our first customer was from Indonesia. With the great help of Indonesia, Golden Asia had a tremendous growth from one factory to three factories in Taiwan. At the same time, we continued to innovate and satisfy the need of market with our principles - “accuracy and precision in quality management, innovative research and environmental responsibilities for business”. Nowadays, we have gained support from world-renowned brands in Jakarta and have had one agent in Surabaya. In the future we will continue, in good faith, to adhere to our professional service and core values to our valued customers.

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Published Date:2020-01-06