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Subject: HAYAKAWA Metal to Break into A...
Content: Specialty steel is usually regarded as an important indicator to identify a country that is capable ...

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HAYAKAWA Metal to Break into Asian and New-Southbound Markets with its Taiwanese -Japanese DNA Fusion

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2021-04-19
Specialty steel is usually regarded as an important indicator to identify a country that is capable of a “steel country”, and it is the major material widely applied in most of the national-economy industries such as machinery, automobiles, military industry, chemicals, household appliances, ships, transportation, railways, and other emerging industries. According to the global market research report, the compound annual growth rate of specialty steel is 2.6%, and the market size will reach 237.94 billion USD in 2025. HAYAKAWA Company from Japan, in response to the market demand, established a branch in Taiwan to bring Japanese-quality technology with Taiwanese talents and industries, providing Imported-from-Japan and Made-in-Taiwan specialty steel for purchase HAYAKAWA also offers various productions of material and manufacturing methods via OEM service in Taiwan, winning its reputation on the international stage and gaining positive feedback from the clients all over the globe.

HAYAKAWA METAL TAIWAN offers services, besides specialty steel, components, and material. Japan’s specialty steel products are recognized as the most high-tech and high-quality steel; it is widely used in components of high reliability in a variety of fields such as power transmission parts and automobile steering devices. Steel products of HAYAKAWA mainly focus on specialty steel, which are the core supports of people’s living and comfortable lives. For the parts business, with years of research and development, it can now satisfy and meet the requirement of the complexity of modern machinery and equipment; the high-reliability-required parts will be made from HAYAKAWA’s specialty steel. Different metal manufacturing technology, such as casting, forging, and machining, can transform specialty steel into functional parts. For the raw material business, HAYAKAWA equips itself with all kinds of precious metals and soil to provide products to the electronic parts industry, such as optical fiber cables with rare metals to replace traditional copper cables and rare metals indispensable for semiconductor manufacturing.

HAYAKAWA’s products include ordinary steel, free-cutting steel, specialty steel, precision forging products, precision casting products, molded products and assembly, industrial chemicals, aluminum alloy gold bars, cold-rolled steel bars, metal stamping products, aluminum casting parts, machined parts, anti-vibration devices, rare metals, etc. HAYAKAWA is the major wholesaler in the industry and its clients include steel manufacturers and user companies. HAYAKAWA offers custom-made specialty steel by heat treatment, surface treatment, machining, etc., according to the client’s requirement to maximize the characteristics of the steel.

Since established, HAYAKAWA has gradually grown from a company for steel and parts production to a company of technology and trade company that offers a supply system with quality, price, and delivery time flexibility. Until now, HAYAKAWA is not only a trading company of specialty steel manufacturing but also a technology trade company capable of providing higher value-added steel material and parts for, as small as, cars, trucks, forklifts, forklifts, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, machine tools, power tools, and, as large as, aerospace and national defense products. It also offers a wide range of rare metals and rare earth for modern electronic part industries.

In recent years, HAYAKAWA has been actively working on international business expansion. It established a branch, HAYAKAWA METAL TAIWAN, in Taiwan in 2013, to bring Japanese craftsmanship and high quality to jointly work with local Taiwanese talents, seeking opportunities to break into the Asian and New-Southbound markets.

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Published Date:2021-04-19