Flow Chart about Exporter and Importer Registration

The Exporter and Importer Registration System provides certain functions for companies or firms, such as review of English name, application for new registration, change of original registration data, application for certification of documents, or search for registration data. For more information, please clicks on the regulations and the options below.

  1. 01

    Log in with the “MOEA Certification Authority IC Card” or user account.

    01 Log in
  2. 02

    Fill in English name for review.

    02 Review of English Name
  3. 03

    Fill in application form for new registration.

    03 Application for New Registration
  4. 04

    Fill in application form for changing of  registration data.

    04 Change of Registration
  5. 05

    The data will be published online and automatically transmitted to Customs.

    05 Approval of Application
  6. 06

    Basic Registration Data (including range of export/import value).

    06 Getting Information about Companies
  7. 07

    Chinese or English Certificates of  Registration or Export/Import Value.

    07 Application for Certificates
  8. 08

    Available when the certificates have been approved.

    08 Downloading or Printing