Flow Chart about Governing Export and Import of Commodities

1.The Electronic Visa System for Export/Import of Commodities provides services about (1)applications for Import/Export Permits, (2)application procedures for exportation of CD manufacturing machinery, (3)reference documents for imports of Chapter 94 Bedding, (4)applications for import approval for masks, etc. For more information, please clicks on the regulations and the options.

2. Import and Export Regulations Query

  1. 01

    MOEA certification auth. IC Card” or user acc.

    01 Log in
  2. 02

    Select application type:

    I/p, E/p, Masks. etc.

    02 Type of application
  3. 03

    Fill out the form and supplementary doc.

    03 Application form
  4. 04

    Check results:

     (1) Approved,

     (2) Denied.

    04 Review
  5. 05

    Print out approval doc.

    05 Download and print