Flow Chart about Applying for CITES Permits

1. The CITES application system allows users to apply for CITES export permits, re-export permits, import permits, and other certificates. Please select regulations and the options below for more information.

2.  Wild Fauna and Flora  Species listed in Appendixes I, II and III  Query

  1. 01

    Log in with the “MOEA Certification Authority IC Card” or user account.

    01 Log in
  2. 02

    Select the type of application (e.g., export, re-export, import, others)

    02 Type of application
  3. 03

    Fill in the application form based on the origin of the species and submit supplementary documents

    03 Application form
  4. 04

    Check results:

     (1) Approved,

     (2) Denied.

    04 Review
  5. 05

    (1) Paper documents for Applicants

    (2) By mail

    05 Receive documents