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Subject: OTN and BOFT Jointly Hosted a ...
Content: OTN and BOFT Jointly Hosted a New Southbound Policy Forum in Kaohsiung The Office of Trade Negotiati...

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OTN and BOFT Jointly Hosted a New Southbound Policy Forum in Kaohsiung

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2019-01-03

OTN and BOFT Jointly Hosted a New Southbound Policy Forum in Kaohsiung


The Office of Trade Negotiations under the Executive Yuan and the Bureau of Foreign Trade jointly hosted a New Southbound Policy Forum at the Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung on December 12 in 2018. The Forum invited experts to share views on expanding overseas markets from the aspects of economic trends, industrial innovation and talent cultivation, which provided a big picture deployment mentality and outlook for Taiwan enterprises. The experts shared their experience in taxation systems, medical care, physical technology, employee training, and tea business expansions in New Southbound Policy countries. The Forum was a success with more than 500 participants in attendance. Participants showed a high degree of interest on the topics and stated that they gained a lot when asked after the event.


The opening remarks of the Forum was given by Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms. Wang Mei-Hua, in which she said that Taiwanese companies are very competitive and cited an example of her recent visit with Indonesia government staffs to a Taiwanese wetsuit manufacturer. Despite its location in a small alleyway, the manufacturer is ranked 4th in its global market share. Ms. Wang stated that the wetsuit manufacturer is the epitome of many Taiwanese companies, being small in size but refined in quality and scale, as well as highly competitive.


In the changing international political and economic environment, the New Southbound Policy countries, especially Southeast Asian countries indeed have a niche. The region is an important area for Taiwanese manufacturers to expand their overseas businesses. The Taiwanese government supports by striving for fair investment opportunities for Taiwanese enterprises, and ensures that the treatment and personal safety of our citizens, and investments and business operations are not affected politics. The Taiwanese government has also set up an investment window “Contact Taiwan” to provide consulting services and mediate investment disputes. These measures consolidate and bolster business cooperation and exchanges between Taiwanese enterprises and New Southbound Policy countries.

Published Date:2019-01-03