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Subject: Paraguay Minister Cramer Explo...
Content: Minister Shen, Paraguays Minister Ms. Liz Cramer , and relevant government officials in a group phot...

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Paraguay Minister Cramer Explores Bilateral Trade Enhancement with Minister Shen

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2019-07-09

Minister Shen, Paraguay's Minister Ms. Liz Cramer , and relevant government officials in a group photo.


Paraguay's Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ms. Liz Cramer, visited Taiwan this week to co-host the 2nd Joint Committee Meeting under the Taiwan-Paraguay ECA on 18 June with Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Jong-Chin Shen.

Minister Shen emphasized that with 60 years of diplomatic ties between the two sides, the cooperative relationship between the two sides not only strengthens the alliance, but also enhances partnership in infrastructure, investment and trade and technology. Minister Cramer thanked Taiwan for the various support it has given to improve Paraguay's investment environment, commended increases in bilateral trade and looked forward to diversifying Paraguayan exports to Taiwan.

As an important Latin American partner to Taiwan. Paraguay is 11 times the size of Taiwan but with ony one third of the population. Both sides have continued to strengthen cooperation in terms of economy, agriculture and talent training. Recent outcomes include establishing the Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University, orchid commercialization, small and medium-sized enterprise counselling and women's financing.

Since the Taiwan-Paraguay ECA entered into force on 28 February last year (2018), Paraguayan beef exports to Taiwan have significantly grown to become Taiwan's 4th largest source. The Joint Committee this year focused on effectively utilizing the existing market to further help Paraguay with agricultural exports into Taiwan. A Letter of Intent for mutual recognition of organic equivalence cooperation was signed during the meeting, and both sides exchanged views on border inspection procedures, food safety and sanitary standards as well as items Paraguay has interest in exporting to Taiwan.

While in Taiwan, Minister Cramer led a delegation of 13 beef, mate and grain business representatives to the Taipei Food Show and held a “Meat Paraguay” beef tasting event in Kaohsiung on 17 June to increase exposure of the product. In addition, the Bureau of Foreign Trade held a Paraguay Business Seminar, where almost 80 business representatives from our food processing, machinery, beef and organic product industries attended to hear Minister Cramer introduce Paraguay's trade and investment opportunities. It is expected that the seminar would increase more business opportunities with Paraguay.

Published Date:2019-07-02