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Subject: Continuing to promote industri...
Content: Against the backdrop of the pandemic in 2020, the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Ass...

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Continuing to promote industrial cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and Japan through overseas offices

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2021-01-08

Against the backdrop of the pandemic in 2020, the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (TEEMA), the Taiwan Association Machinery Industry (TAMI), and the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) have organized virtual matchmaking meetings and provided our businesses with the latest information on Japanese industries in order to maintain momentum in economic and trade cooperation between Japan and Taiwan. These 3 associations plan to arrange activities this year with more virtual and physical integration that combine the practical experience of exhibitions, strengthen digital marketing, and help Taiwanese manufacturers expand into the Japanese market through multiple channels with the assistance of their offices in Japan.

Most overseas exhibitions and physical activities have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Consequently, Japan has not only postponed the Tokyo Olympics Games, it has also closed or postponed most physical activities throughout Japan. The offices of these 3 aforementioned associations in Japan have instead facilitated multiple online and offline seminars and matchmaking activities to assist our businesses in expanding remote business opportunities.

Besides continuing to conduct online/offline integration activities for Taiwanese and Japanese businesses, these 3 associations will also strengthen interactions with Japanese branch offices in Taiwan, compile the needs of Japanese corporations, assist Taiwanese SMEs in digital marketing, and make timely adjustments in activities according to the circumstances this year. It is estimated that most of the business activities in the first half of this year will be organized virtually. The planned objectives for 2021 are as follows: The 3 associations will organize 14 physical/virtual business matchmaking meetings and other activities. In addition, they will also invite 1-2 Japanese experts to conduct industry forums, with the aim of collecting information online on 1,200 potential buyers, as well as translating and editing more than 150 articles on business opportunities with Japanese industries for Taiwanese companies that intend to expand into the Japanese market. Due to the pandemic, Taiwanese corporations cannot physically participate in overseas exhibitions. Hence, the offices of these 3 associations in Japan can help Taiwanese manufacturers expand sales through diversified marketing channels such as virtual meetings and digital trade.

Japan is not only Taiwan's third largest trading partner, it also serves as an important export market. The offices in Japan of the 3 industry associations gather information on Japanese industries and business environments for the benefit of Taiwanese corporations attempting to expand business in Japan. They also facilitate business matchmaking meetings, trade promotion delegations, and other activities related to expanding sales in Japan, as well as cooperation between Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers. Moreover, SMEs do not have to bear the high cost of setting up branch offices in Japan. Long-term interaction can also gain the trust of Japanese companies, while establishing confidence in them to purchase Taiwanese products. Since 1991, the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the MOEA has subsidized the offices of these 3 associations in Japan.

Spokesperson: GJ Lee, Deputy Director General
Telephone: 02-2397-7109, 02-2397-7198

Contact Person: Estela Chen, Director, Bilateral Trade Division I
Telephone: 02-2397-7241, 0985-359-349

Published Date:2021-01-06