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Subject: BOFT assists businesses expand...
Content: The Bureau of Foreign Trade has reimbursed the Taiwan-Japan Business Exchange and Promotion Associat...

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BOFT assists businesses expand in the Japanese market

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2021-01-08

The Bureau of Foreign Trade has reimbursed the Taiwan-Japan Business Exchange and Promotion Association's efforts to help Taiwanese companies expand the Japanese market and promote technical cooperation since 2015. Such efforts include organizing corporate delegations, one-on-one business-matching sessions, and visits from Japan's local governments and important commercial groups. In 2021, the BOFT will be introducing new Japanese business models in line with Taiwan's focus on the six core strategic industries and revitalization policy for global e-commerce.

The pandemic in 2020 cancelled numerous physical delegations as well as invitations to visit. Nonetheless, exchanges were turned to virtual meetings to maintain bilateral business interactions and opportunities. This year (2021), online to offline (O2O) business promotion activities will continue, and efforts will be placed on strengthening Taiwan-Japan interactions through our ties with various Japanese cities to seize the opportunities and needs of Japanese businesses. Activities planned for the year include organizing trade missions pending the pandemic situation, inviting Japanese business groups to Taiwan, and holding business-matching sessions and seminars.

The zero-contact economy that has emerged from COVID-19 has turned e-commerce into a major focus for industries. To help SMEs with their digital transformation and develop the Japanese market, we will continue to hold Taiwan-Japan digital trade and e-commerce-themed activities in 2021 to advance economic and commercial cooperation between Japan and Taiwan.

Spokesperson: GJ Lee, Deputy Director General
Telephone: 02-2397-7109, 02-2397-7198

Contact Person: Estela Chen, Director, Bilateral Trade Division I
Telephone: 02-2397-7241, 0985-359-349

Published Date:2021-01-05