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Subject: New Southbound Market Network:...
Content: Nick K.H. Ni, Chief of Staff of the BOFT under the MOEA (6th from left), James C.F. Huang, Chairman ...

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New Southbound Market Network: 2019 New Year Party and Launching Ceremony for the Southern Star Club Online Platform

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2019-02-01


Nick K.H. Ni, Chief of Staff of the BOFT under the MOEA (6th from left), James C.F. Huang, Chairman of TAITRA (7th from left), and various representatives from New Southbound Policy countries attend the launch ceremony of the Southern Star Club Online Platform.


In order to help Taiwanese companies gain information and seek business opportunities in the New Southbound markets, the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned TAITRA to establish the New Southbound Market Network in Taiwan in 2017. This Network promotes exchanges and interaction of domestic business operators based in the 18-country market group platforms. To date, over 1,300 companies have joined the New Southbound Market Network. Additionally, in order to enable Taiwanese operators to access business news and activities in the New Southbound markets as well as share their experiences about expansion throughout the markets, the online-platform of the Southern Star Club is being set up this year. Through online Q&A and the uploading of instant overseas business information and opportunities, borderless information will be shared regardless of time differences, thereby fostering a good Network team for expansion into overseas markets with sufficient capabilities and mutual cooperation.


As part of the event activities, TAITRA invited 14 Directors of Taiwan Trade Centers in the New Southbound markets to go online through a live webcast to respond to questions raised by Taiwanese operators about investment and circumstances in New Southbound markets, which led to enthusiastic interaction and exchanges among them.


Mr. Sun, Ming-Te (Ph.D.), Director of the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, spoke and predicted economy trends in the New Southbound markets at this event. Various representatives from the New Southbound countries were invited to attend the ceremony, which attracted a total of 375 companies, such as Delta, Accton, Asus, Uni-President, and Lian Hua as well as 508 attendees.


Published Date:2019-01-31