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Subject: Taiwan Expo 2019 kicks off in ...
Content: The Taiwan Expo in India this year conveyed the spirit of prospering together through Taiwanese tea ...

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Taiwan Expo 2019 kicks off in New Delhi, India

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2019-07-09

The Taiwan Expo in India this year conveyed the spirit of prospering together through Taiwanese tea culture. Deputy Director of the BOFT under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, William Liu (sixth from left), was at the opening ceremony shown here with guests.


The 2nd Taiwan Expo 2019 in India was held at Paragati Maidan from 16 to 18 May. The Ministry of Economic Affairs joined hands with the Council of Agriculture, the Tourism Bureau, and the Ministry of Science and Technology to bring 150 exhibitors to India this year in a display of 230 booths which was 10% more booths compared with last year. The event featured 6 main aspects – culture and tourism, smart cities, smart healthcare, domestic consumption, agricultural technology and green energy technology. The displays presented Taiwan's local characteristics and culture, and our industrial strengths in high-technology and high-quality industries to the Indian people. This year's brand visual design was based on a combination of Taiwan's worldwide reputation as a “Butterfly Kingdom" and the “Indian lion”, representing cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and India.


The opening ceremony of the Expo kicked off with tea, a popular drink in both Taiwan and India. Chairman Huang of TAITRA and Director Praveen Bonigala of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry wrote down the word "tea" in the Chinese and Indian languages respectively on stage with a calligraphy brush and offered hot tea to each other, symbolizing the friendship between the two countries. The opening ceremony also blended cultural elements from both sides, representing the two sides working together to create a win-win partnership. Through Taiwan’s augmented reality (AR) technology, the stage was changed to a scenic wall showing the Brown Avenue of Taitung, allowing Indian visitors to experience the beauty of Hualien and Taitung while sipping Taiwanese tea.


In his address, Deputy Director William Liu of the BOFT under the Ministry of Economic Affairs mentioned that the Taiwan Expo in 2019 introduced Taiwan from the perspective of culture and people-centeredness. In addition to the exchange of tea culture between the two sides, the Taiwan Expo set up the Six Senses Taiwan Pavilion to let the Indian people learn about Taiwan through the six senses of smell, hearing, and taste, etc. to promote friendship and partnerships between the two sides.




Published Date:2019-05-16