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Subject: The 2019 Taiwanese Produce Exp...
Content: Group photo with Hong Kong buyer, Pei-Shu TSAI, Manager of the Aji-No-Chinmi Co. (1st from right), C...

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The 2019 Taiwanese Produce Expo in Taipei

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2019-08-05

Group photo with Hong Kong buyer, Pei-Shu TSAI, Manager of the Aji-No-Chinmi Co. (1st from right), Chao-Yan WU, Secretary-General of the Taiwan Visitor Association (2nd from right), Zhong-Xiu HONG, Director of the Department of Administrative and International Affairs, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (3rd from right), Zhi-Fang HUANG, Chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (center), Jen-Ni YANG, Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade (3rd from left), Walter YEH, President & CEO of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (2nd from left) and Tanaka RUIHAO, President of Tanaka Foods Co. (1st from left)


    The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) commissioned the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to hold a series of activities under the 2019 Taiwanese Produce Expo in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan to assist the sales of Taiwanese produce. The first event of the series gathered over 210 farmers and fishermen who exhibited their proud produce such as dragon fruit, pomelo, taro, and oolong tea etc. at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Hall I on July 27. The turnout at the event was huge with more than 30,000 people visiting the expo.

    Director General of the BOFT, Jen-Ni YANG, said that besides the marketing channel developed by the BOFT and TAITRA, the Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan is also involved in the quarantine and inspections of the various produce. Under the joint efforts of the government and private sector, exports of our produce exceeded US$ 5 billion last year with the figure in the first half of this year having already reached an outstanding US$ 2.7 billion. With advances in science and technology, it has become the top priority to find ways of applying artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to increase the output value and production of our agricultural produce.

    Apart from inviting frozen food and fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan to come to Taiwan to purchase, major domestic fruit exporters such as Yin-Chan International Development Co., Lytone Co., Hong Kong City Super and major domestic distributors such as PX Mart, RT Mart, Carrerfour, 7-eleven and I-Mei Foods were also invited to select produce at the expo. With pineapple cakes having become the best sold food souvenir and bubble tea taking in the world, the platform provided by this expo is expected to help identify more processed Taiwanese food products of potential. Through guidance and assistance from the government, the next star product from Taiwan will help more overseas buyers and consumers become familiar and enjoy our quality food.

   The BOFT and COA will continue to assist domestic fresh and processed food businesses expand markets overseas by holding Taiwan Produce Sales and trade talk sessions in Taichung and Tainan in September. These sessions will help local businesses obtain orders without having to go abroad, and bring quality agricultural produce to local consumers.

Published Date:2019-08-05