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Subject: The 28th Taiwan Excellence Awa...
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The 28th Taiwan Excellence Awards Ceremony

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2019-12-31

Group photo with (front row left to right) the Secretary General of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council – Mr. Yeh Ming-Shui; Chair of Judges for Taiwan Excellence – Mr. Lai Tong-Ming; Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs – Mr. Lin Chuan-Neng; Vice President – Mr. Chen Chien-Jen; Chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council – Mr. Huang Chih-Fang; and Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs – Mr. Lee Guann-Jyh; gold medal enterprises, and the panel of judges.



   On 27 November 2019, this year’s winners of the “Taiwan Excellence Awards,” also known as the industrial Oscars, were celebrated at the 28th awards ceremony at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2. Supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Award is jointly organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. The event revealed the winners of the Gold and Silver Medals as well as commending the rest of the award-winning enterprises. Moreover, a grand exhibition of the 418 award-winning products was displayed for the first time and business sessions with global distributors and brand agents were held to service the winning enterprises then and there. The Vice President of the Republic of China – Mr. Chen Chien-Jen, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs – Mr. Lin Chuan-Neng, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade – Mr. Lee Guann-Jyh, and the Chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council – Mr. Huang Chih-Fang were present to congratulate the winners. Many diplomatic envoys stationed in Taiwan also attended this grand ceremony.



   Vice President Chen said in his remarks that Taiwan continues its positions as one of the four key countries alongside Germany, the USA, and Switzerland in terms of “innovative capacity”. It shows that the innovative strength of our country has a presence on the international stage, which is a culmination of the joint effort from the enterprises present. Moreover, Chairman Huang Chih-Fang of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council said that in an era of fast-changing technology, we hope to see all companies injecting digital elements into their products and carry out industrial upgrades. Furthermore, with the diversified promotion of Taiwan Excellence products, we anticipate the award winners to join the ranks of Taiwan Excellence products. By doing so, they shall promote Taiwan’s innovative technology throughout the world so that people everywhere may experience the quality and convenient lifestyle brought about by Taiwanese technology, just as the Taiwan Excellence slogan, “Taiwan Excellence. Everyday Excellence.” portrays.



   This year, 418 products from 240 companies were awarded with the Taiwan Excellence Awards with only less than 3% of them nominated for the gold and silver medals. The 30 products awarded with gold and silver medals are a microcosm of the innovative value of Taiwan’s industries. The medal winners came from industries including ICT, medical equipment, smart machinery, fitness equipment, and transportation. The winners of the gold medal include the DATORKER Robot Reducer by Hiwin Technologies, the Wirelessly Powered ePaper Display by E Ink Holdings, the Caduceus smart surgical glasses by Taiwan Main Orthopedics Biotechnology, the Rockbook Notebook Series by Taiwan Lung Meng, the ImplantMax for Guided Implantation  by Satum Imaging, the EvO Altus by Karma, the Digi-optical 3D Printer by Young Optics, the Mechanical Arm Wireless Interactive Visualizer by AVer Information, the 5.99" Full Screen Display with Ultra Narrow Down Border-ODTG Technology and Applications by Innolux Corporation, and the Smart Monitoring System - Adapting to i4.0 Machine Tool manufactured by Buffalo Machinery.



    In the past, the award ceremony usually only displayed the gold and silver medal products. This year, all 418 awarded products were displayed either physically or audio-visually. The series of activities held during the period of celebrations also included the “International Marketing Trend and Experience Sharing Forum for Taiwan Excellence” and the Three-Year Retrospective Exhibition of the Taiwan Industrial Image Advertising and Promoting Program, which showcased the results of marketing for Taiwan Excellence products over the past three years through an interactive audiovisual projection wall. The AR photo booth and photo wall at the exhibition brought participants into a time gallery of the Taiwan Excellence awards. The 2019 Global Distributors and Brand Agents Conference was attended by 26 distributors and brand agents from 13 countries who engaged in 168 business sessions with the winners and companies with quality products. The sessions fostered business cooperation to launch Taiwanese branded products through various marketing channels.


More information on the winners of the 28th Taiwan Excellence Awards is available on the official website:

Published Date:2019-12-31