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Subject: Taiwan Excellence Epidemic Res...
Content: As the COVID-19 epidemic ravages the world, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affair...

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Taiwan Excellence Epidemic Response Goods Grab the World’s Attention

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2020-05-12

      As the COVID-19 epidemic ravages the world, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs is working to lead Taiwan’s healthcare industry and relevant supply chains to find a new way out while contributing to the global epidemic response. On 4 May, the Taiwan Excellence International Epidemic Response Goods Press Conference was held, where 28 media outlets from nine countries were invited to help showcase Taiwan’s medical strength and thereby further lift Taiwan’s industry profile.

      Director-General Chern-Chyi “CC” Chen of the BOFT said at the press conference that at a time when the epidemic is sending shocks throughout the world, sufficient supplies of medical goods have become the needed national resource to battle this crisis. Taiwan is lucky that under the government’s response measures, cooperation from civil organizations and the health awareness of the public have jointly achieved results in epidemic control that are recognized internationally.

      Director-General Chen further mentioned that as Taiwanese businesses have not been able to travel overseas to market their products, the government has rolled out various measures to strengthen international market promotion and business relief and restoration plans. The International Epidemic Response Goods Press Conference presents products from representative manufacturers, so that global buyers and the press can better understand the meaning of our slogan, “Taiwan can help”.

      Fifteen products from healthcare, biotechnology and epidemic industries were displayed at the press conference, including Mediland’s disinfection robot, Great Group Medical’s respiratory devices, APEX Medical’s healthcare solutions, Taiwan Stanch’s surgical face masks, ONYX’s telehealth and smart hospital products, Medigen Vaccine Biologics’ vaccine and test kits, and BluSense Diagnostics’ COVID-19 detection products.

      As many international exhibitions have been cancelled due to the epidemic, a special mentioned was made for the Taiwan Excellence Online Healthcare Exhibition Hall that is helping with business opportunity development online. The online exhibition presents 33 Taiwan Excellence award-wining businesses and their 42 award-wining products in a way that mimics the physical exhibition hall by providing the displays, contacts, and information as well as offering buyer consultation services online. More than 260 international buyers and medical supply and biotechnology industries from over 22 countries viewed the live stream.

Published Date:2020-05-12