Trade Financing


Relending Facility


The TITA cooperates with EXIMBANK to handle the Relending Facility under which EXIMBANK extends credit lines to foreign financial institutions (Relending Banks) that in turn relend funds to their clients for the importation of goods from Taiwanese exporters.


1. Type of Goods to Be Financed:

A. Any goods purchased from Taiwanese exporters, e.g., equipment, parts, raw materials, consumer goods, etc.

B. Including goods shipped from places other than Taiwan.


2. Currency: In US dollars


3. Percentage and Amount of Financing: For each transaction, maximum financing can be 100% of the gross purchase price.


4. Tenure of Loan for Trading: The maximum tenure is five years.


5. Interest Rate: Based on the prevailing 6-month London Inter-Bank Offered Rates (LIBOR) for US dollar plus a margin.


6. If banks want to participate in the Relending Facility, please contact EXIMBANK (Tel: 02-33220507; email:


7. Preferential Content: Provide funds to foreign relending banks for re-lending to foreign importers at attractive interest rates to purchase Taiwanese products.


  • Application Conditions: Foreign importers can contact Relending Banks to apply for a credit line of relending loan to purchase various products from Taiwan. (Detailed introduction of Relending Facility and list of cooperative banks, please click Relending Facility).


  • Contact window and telephone: Department of Finance, 886-2-3322-0507