MICE Advantages


The MICE industry is comprised of meetings, incentive travel, conventions, and exhibitions. Given such diversity, it can promote recognition of Taiwan. Moreover, the MICE Industry can drive such peripherally related industries as catering, accommodation, and tourism. Thus, this will generate considerable output value.

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Why should you choose Taiwan as the destination of your MICE events?

MICE advantage

Safe and secure: Taiwan has a comprehensive medical system and public health environment. Epidemics are instantly addressed and preventive actions are promptly implemented. Moreover, since Taiwan ranks second in the worldwide safety index, this is an obvious advantage for holding global MICE activities in Taiwan.

Quality MICE service: Taiwan's MICE industry is professional and efficient. From diverse catering options to MICE technical support, quality services are provided at all events.
Digital innovation: Taiwan actively promotes digital transformation through AI, AR/VR, and 5G communications to establish an innovative model for digital exhibitions. At the same time, CSR and ESG have been introduced to assist all stakeholders in implementing green concepts in digital technology and creating a green MICE industry.

・Establishing a MICE One-Stop Service
The MEET TAIWAN Project Office has been set up to assist NGOs in bidding, organizing international conferences, encouraging foreign enterprises to come to Taiwan to explore business opportunities, as well as providing online meeting services, visas, speedy customs clearance information and other services.

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・Diversifying the Marketing of Taiwan's MICE Environment
Conducting MICE promotional activities to encourage foreign businesses to participate in development projects, while integrating with local activities to attract more foreign businesses.

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Taiwan International Tradeshows
The Taiwan International Tradeshows are home to around 70 exhibitions and provide the best platform for trading and sourcing business opportunities. They attract more than 110,000 international buyers annually. There are tremendous business opportunities for international professional buyers and exhibitors to explore via this platform. The TITA invites all interested professionals to visit and join the Taiwan excellent exhibitions to seize these opportunities to grow your business. 
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・Fostering Superb MICE Human Resources
Establishing MICE institutions and cooperating with global MICE organizations to support excellent professionals with CEM, CMP and CIS certification and provide quality services for MICE events.