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Subject: The 2nd Administrative Commiss...
Content: Deputy Minister Mei-Hua Wang (3rd from right), Guatemala’s Vice Minister Mr. Julio Dougher...

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The 2nd Administrative Commission Meeting of the FTA between Guatemala and Taiwan enhances bilateral trade and strategic partnership

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2019-07-16

Deputy Minister Mei-Hua Wang (3rd from right), Guatemala’s Vice Minister Mr. Julio Dougherty (3rd from left), and relevant government officials in a group photo.


The Vice Minister of Economy of Guatemala Mr. Julio Dougherty led a delegation to Taiwan this week and co-hosted the 2nd Administrative Commission Meeting under the Free Trade Agreement between Guatemala and Taiwan with Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, Ms. Mei-Hua Wang on 9 July, 2019. Representatives from various Ministries also attended the meeting.

The meeting achieved outcomes including the following: 1) Eliminating tariffs on Guatemalan items such as trees of edible fruits and nuts, mascareen grass, and roasted chicory (coffee substitute), and Taiwanese motorcycles and bicycles. 2) Adopting trade facilitation measures to accelerate the quarantine process for agricultural imports and establish a mechanism for exchanges of electronic certificates of origin and a Trade Promotion Committee. 3) Promoting capacity building in e-commerce, international logistics, and intellectual property, etc. for Guatemalan economic and trade personnel.

To further explore areas with potential for cooperation between Taiwan and Guatemala, Deputy Minister Wang and Vice Minister Dougherty also hosted a Guatemala Investment Seminar. Additionally, the Bureau of Foreign Trade also assisted Guatemala in holding a Guatemala coffee tasting event to raise the profile of Guatemalan coffee in Taiwan. These efforts that deepen investment and trade are expected to further solidify the strategic partnership between Taiwan and Guatemala.

Published Date:2019-07-16