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Subject: MOEA Explains Procedures for S...
Content: To address the continued spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, Taiwan’s domestic mask productio...

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MOEA Explains Procedures for Sending Masks to Relatives Overseas

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2020-04-10

To address the continued spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, Taiwan’s domestic mask production capacity has now increased to 12 million pieces per day. To look after Taiwanese citizens overseas, head of the Central Epidemic Command Center, Minister Shi-Chung Chen, announced on 6 April that, from 9 April, the Taiwanese public may send masks to first and second degree* relatives (*see definition) overseas. Each overseas national may receive a maximum of 30 masks for every two months, while senders are limited to sending 30 masks per two- month period.


Taiwanese nationals wishing to send masks should apply for an export permit from the designated Bureau of Foreign Trade website, then send the goods through a postal office or courier company. The procedures for applying and sending masks are provided below:


  1. Logging onto the system:
    From 9 am, 9 April, the sender may log onto the BOFT website:
  2. The following details need to be entered:
    Names of the sender and receiver, ID numbers, relationship, sender mobile phone number (to receive approval number), mask quantity (within 30 pieces) and value etc.
  3. Verifying personal identification:
    Through the BOFT and the Ministry of the Interior computer systems, the sender and receiver’s relationship, the residing location of the receiver and nationality of both parties will be verified.
  4. Issuing export permits:
    Once the personal identification and quantity of masks are verified, an export permit will be issued and notification will be sent to the applicants mobile phone via text message.


Procedures for Sending Masks

  1. Through the post office: The sender must provide the export permit or personal ID number for the post office to log onto the designated BOFT website to verify and print a permit sticker for the package.
  2. Through courier mail: The sender must provide the permit number for the courier company to perform streamlined declaration.


If the sender is unable to apply online, he/she may fill out the required information and fax it to BOFT or apply in person. BOFT staffs will help enter the information on the application system.


*First and second degree relatives include: spouse, parents, children and their spouses, grandparents, grandchildren and their spouses, and siblings and their spouses.


News item Spokesperson:

Deputy Director-General Chih-hung (Henry) Liu

Telephone: 02-2358-4338, 0907-942-436



Contact person:

Director Ching-hsuan Huang

Export/Import Administration Division

Telephone: 02-2397-7341, 0937-067-762


Published Date:2020-04-10