Minister Wang's delegation to Japan takes economic and trade relations to a new level


Minister Wang led a delegation to Japan this week to meet with leaders of Japanese companies, including Canon, JERA, Mitsui Chemical, NEC, Panasonic, SUMCO, and other companies in the fields of semiconductors, electric vehicles (EVs), 5G, and carbon reduction technologies. They discussed key issues such as the establishment of a strong semiconductor supply chain between Taiwan and Japan and the 2050 net-zero emissions challenge.

In her discussions with Japanese companies, Minister Wang said that Taiwan was specialized in IC design, IC manufacturing, electronic hardware and software development and manufacturing. Therefore, taking advantage of each other's expertise, Taiwan and Japan can strengthen our alliances in fields such as electric vehicles and 5G.

Regarding carbon reduction technology, Minister Wang visited the hydrogen receiving and storage facilities of the Kobe Port Authority, and held discussions with related partners and research institutes. They discussed supply chain and advanced technology transfer from hydrogen manufacturing, transportation, and storage, and with JERA Power, on the introduction of hydrogen or ammonia blending technology for thermal power generation. Taiwan hopes to reduce carbon emissions from thermal power generation by forming part of the hydrogen supply chain, and seeking business opportunities for net-zero emissions.

Taiwan and Japan have complementary industrial strengths and a long-term trusting relationship. These are highly valuable in the current time of geopolitical changes and uncertain economic outlook. In the future, global demand for digital technology and smart applications will grow rapidly, and Minister Wang's visit will usher in the next stage of economic, trade, and industrial cooperation between Taiwan and Japan and increase exchanges in the post-pandemic era.