Taiwan's Plumbing Exports Reach a Record High from January to October 2022


From January to October 2022, Taiwan's plumbing exports increased 13.2%, for a record high of US$1.2 billion.

The United States is Taiwan's largest export market for plumbing goods. From January to October 2022, our plumbing exports to the United States accounted for 55.1% that sector's exports. The main items consisted of faucets, faucet parts, and copper bathroom fixtures.

Taiwan's plumbing industry consists of complete industrial chains. In recent years it has continued to invest in smart manufacturing, transformed to manufacture smart plumbing products with high added-value, and launched products that meet the high inspection requirements of various countries.

The BOFT will continue to organize sales expansion missions and various exhibition activities next year to help Taiwanese manufacturers stabilize their markets and cope with international economic and trade variability.