MOEA signs MoU on Economic and Trade Cooperation, expands bilateral tie


On April 25th at MOFA, Chern-Chyi "C.C." Chen, Deputy Minister of MOEA and Glenn Youngkin, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the U.S, signed the MoU on Economic and Trade Cooperation. 

Both sides will strengthen the cooperation on two-way trade, investment and industries, expanding business opportunities and establishing closer economic linkages.

The economic and trade relationship between Taiwan and the U.S have become warmer, and the 「Technology Trade and Investment Collaboration (TTIC) Framework」established in December 2021, further deepened the trade and economic partnership between Taiwan and some states of the U.S. 

This came after the 2022 MoU signing with the state of Indiana Governor visiting to Taiwan. Virginia Governor Youngkin led a delegation to Taiwan, demonstrating that the cooperative relationship between Taiwan and the U.S had strengthened and expanded from the federal level to the state level.

The MOEA plans to further expand Taiwan-U.S bilateral trade, investment and industry cooperation by maintaining the momentum of two-way economic and trade and thus create a win-win relationship.