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Subject: Digital Taiwan Excellence exhi...
Content: This year (2020), a “Digital Pavilion” utilizing VR and 3D modeling technology h...

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Digital Taiwan Excellence exhibition leverages VR technology to overcome epidemic barriers

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2020-06-03

    This year (2020), a “Digital Pavilion” utilizing VR and 3D modeling technology has been created to publicize the Taiwan Excellence Award-winning products online. This digital exhibition supplements the permanent physical “Taiwan Excellence Pavilion” located on the third floor of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) and puts the award-winners in categories and in the settings buyers would usually find them in, effectively adding to the appeal and diversity of the exhibition experience.


    The Digital Pavilion has five main halls: Smart Living, Smart Manufacturing, Sport and Leisure, Information Technology and Communication, and Healthcare, in which 3D modelling technology presents a state-of-the-art cyber exhibition that showcases quality Taiwan-made products to buyers across the globe without the expenses required of physical exhibitions. Buyers and consumers can also now view the 418 latest Taiwan Excellence products at anytime from anywhere there is internet access.


    The Digital Pavilion serves as a digital double to the physical Taiwan Excellence Pavilion by functioning as a support platform and offers a new dimension to the existing marketing channels. Access to the online hall capable of housing exhibits of any conceivable size can be done easily through just a small QR code. The digital marketing strategy that launched this new exhibition experience expands our global reach and spearheads the business creativity in presenting quality Taiwanese products to the world.


For more information, please visit the Taiwan Excellence website:

To view the Digital Pavilion, click the link below:

Published Date:2020-06-03