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Decision on Trade and Environment
  • Source:International Trade Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Published Date:2003-12-18
  • Effective Date:2022-01-13

Meeting on the occasion of signing the Final Act Embodying the Results of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations at Marrakesh on 15 April 1994,
Recalling the preamble of the Agreement establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO), which states that members' "relations in the field of trade and economic endeavour should be conducted with a view to raising standards of living, ensuring full employment and a large and steadily growing volume of real income and effective demand, and expanding the production of and trade in goods and services, while allowing for the optimal use of the world's resources in accordance with the objective of sustainable development, seeking both to protect and preserve the environment and to enhance the means for doing so in a manner consistent with their respective needs and concerns at different levels of economic development,"

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Subject: Decision on Trade and Environm...
Content: Ministers,Meeting on the occasion of signing the Final Act Embodying the Results of the Uruguay Roun...