Flagship Programs and Prospective Areas


'New Southbound Policy' A Practical Approach Moving Full Steam Ahead (August 14, 2017)

To demonstrate Taiwan’s proactive approach toward integrating with the international community, our government will be increasing its efforts and resources in terms of promoting mutually beneficial cooperation with New Southbound Policy partner countries. In addition, the domestic community as a whole should accumulate experience and results. Taking partner countries’ needs and Taiwan’s interests into account, the policy is now focusing on the planning and implementation of five flagship programs, plus three prospective areas. The aim is to bring positive benefits to New Southbound Policy partner countries and Taiwan in the shortest possible time.

New Southbound Policy Flagship Programs:NSP Apractical Approach Moving Full Stream Ahead

■ Agricultural Development

■ Medical/Public Health Cooperation

■ Talent Cultivation

■ Innovative Industries 

■ Youth Exchanges and Policy Forums

New Southbound Policy Prospective Areas: